Tech  Journey

Tech Journey

Not a simple walk in the park!

The truth

Don’t believe people who tell you that software development is easy and fun. They will post videos on YouTube and telling you lies. Learn this language in a single video. Or learn programming on Twitch, or even worse! Learn JavaScript in just 3 minutes. Whatching my short videos. It's free !!! ... Really?

There are no shortcuts for learning how to code. You may find a mentor or a good course but it will not be nearly good enough. You need to join a real classroom, or a community and participate in many meetings. Do a lot of pair programming and try to write significant code. Until you practice for 2 or more years you are nothing but a beginner.

Reading code

Reading code is very important. People will tell you: write your own project to learn how to code. That is bad advice. Before making your own project, read other’s people code and run it or try to understand it. Work with other developers who can explain you why the code is this way and not that way.

Writing code

Writing code is hard. Don't do it alone. Work in a team, or work in public. Stream on Twitch or on Discord and let other people work with you in parallel or watch you working. You have no idea how many people want to help you if they can. Version your code early on GitHub or GitLab and make it open source. Join other people and contribute to other projects.


I have put together for you a controversial roadmap. You can follow it but it will require focus, determination and guidance. I offer mentoring for it and sooner or later there will be available a course to watch and collect these skills. Next topics will make you a Software Engineer.

A: Fundamentals

  1. Numeric systems;

  2. Set theory;

  3. Logic algebra;

  4. Programming paradigms;

B: Programming

  1. Modern programming languages;

  2. Frameworks, libraries & packages

  3. Regular expressions

  4. Parallel computing

  5. Design Patterns

  6. Git & GitHub

  7. IDE or Text editors;

  8. Data structures and algorithms

C: Engineering

  1. Software Architecture

  2. Database design

  3. Operating systems

  4. Shell commands

  5. Network protocols

  6. Web design

  7. Open source

  8. Software lifecycle

  9. Agile & scrum

  10. Continuous integration

  11. Test automation

  12. Cloud services

  13. REST API

  14. Encryption

  15. UML

  16. Design tools

  17. Machine learning

  18. Artificial reasoning

Journay end

By the time you finish learning all these skills you are 50. And you are probably burned out. So before you get started, make sure you know what you get yourself into. Maybe you should run away from this. My advice: RUN EVERY DAY ANYHOW!

. . .

Take a break

Take a break every hour when you work or study. Don’t learn more than two h/day, to avoid burning your brain. Enjoy your life and don’t try to cut corners. Make friends, dance and talk programming casualy. Join open source projects and go to parties or conventions to meat other developers. Be humble and learn every day something. It will take you 10 years to become an expert. Be patient. One day you will do something epic. Trust yourself, you will get there.

Report your progress

Make a tweet with hashtag #SageCode every day for an entire year to report your progress. You can use this hashtag on your profile if you want to spread the word about our unique learning program. People will click on it and see other people learning and making a career. This is our way!

Good fortune, Learn and prosper 🖖🏼

Give me some feedback. How is your journey going?

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